Our Food Truck Indulge India, represents authentic indian cooking styles of northern India, southern India and Mughlia styles. Mughlia cuisine consists of dishes that were prepared in kitchens of royal Mughal Emperors. Our goal is to provide Healthy, Fresh and Tasty food, which is possible only by using fresh and best ingredients to bring that flavor of authentic food cooked the right way. All our meat is certified halal.

Chicken Biryani


Slow cooked basmati rice with Indian spices and chicken covered by steam for a delayed time

Coconut Lamb Curry Combo


Succulent pieces of tender lamb gently cooked in onion and coconut base sauce

Coconut Vegan Curry Combo


Vegetable coconut curry(a south Indian style curry with beld of vegetables cooked in coconut based sauce), served with Lentils, Naan and rice.

Veg Paneer Korma Combo


Veg Korma(rich creamy onion based sauce cooked slowly with mix vegetables), served with lentils, naan bread and rice.

Chicken Tikka Masala Combo


Chicken Tikka masala gently cooked in tomato based cream sauce

*All combos are serverd with naan, chickpeas curry, basmati rice and papad..

**Before ordering inform your server about any food allergies you may have